Ottawa Pure Locksmithoffers the best Commercial 24 Hour Locksmith Ottawa services in Ottawa. There is no doubt that there are other locksmiths in Ottawa, they are. But when it comes to experience, dedication to service and working with the latest tools and resources, we have it all.

We are certified, bonded and insured commercial locksmith with industry knowledge consistently garnered for over 15 years of practical experience. A commercial locksmith is not like other areas of locksmith services because of the high-security needs of every business.

Organizations have peculiar security needs and what obtains in standard or residential locks requirements may not apply in a commercial environment; why? For the simple reason that a commercial place is faced with two threats; internal security threats from their own people usually trusted people and also external threats.

Unless you work with an experienced commercial locksmith Ottawa who knows how to deal with both threats and secure you with the right high-security locks, you may be leaving snake on your roof as you go to bed.

Commercial locksmith components

Our areas of commercial locksmith services in Ottawa include the following services:

New Locks installation :

We offer the essential job of commercial locksmith which is the installation of new locks for your door and windows for proper high-security lock system in your organization. What we do at Ottawa Pure locksmith is to take an assessment of your lock system to identify areas that need a complete overhaul of locks and areas that need an upgrade. After the evaluation, we will recommend best practice and install the ideal locks for your door according to various security requirements.

Master key systems :

It is essential for the top executive of an organization have a way to override and access most offices in his organization. The solution to give people with overall oversight on business access to most offices without using actual keys for such door is to get a master key. With a master key system, you will have access to different offices.

High-security locks :

Not all keys are made the same in term vulnerability to breaches. Whether it’s the regular locks or advanced ones, getting high-security locks for certain offices because of their relevance and sensitivity is a wise decision to make. This service provides you with durable, difficult to breach or break locks for your doors. As a business organization, you cannot afford to treat every office the same, especially when you have valuable items kept in an office that could attract suspicious characters.

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Key-less lock and access control systems :

As technology advances so are the locks systems. We live in a world where holding keys are going out of fashion as the world now embraces key-less lock and access control systems. The beauty of this lock system is convenience and high-security!

The technology involves specialty keys such as a transponder, key fobs and laser keys. Also, there is the electronic access system using pin pad, fingerprints, access cards, optical and voice access control. The advantage of these lock systems is convenience, high-security and cost saving, maintenance wise.

Re-keying :

We cannot be too careful with locks and keys due to wear and tear; a key might break or locks stop working. Therefore, a commercial lock system needs regular maintenance to keep it working all the time. There are times you need to change your key when you suspect the current one has been compromised; it is our duty to re-key the locks so that old keys will no longer open the locks. This is the ideal action to take when a former employee had a key, and you suspect a duplicate might have been made.

Surveillance security systems :

Every commercial environment needs surveillance systems installed. This is particularly important for internal security purposes to watch over your premises and the indoor areas after close hours. Our assessment of your office security system will reveal areas that need a surveillance system installed. This service includes the installation of video surveillance, CCTV security cameras to provide video footage of the areas covered.

Fleet vehicle lock services :

We work with commercial clients to help with their fleet system locks. Your company vehicle can develop a series of lock issues such as lockout, ignition problems, broken keys, vehicle door locks issue, transponder or you need a rekey. Our comprehensive commercial automobile locksmith service in Ottawa got your back in any instance of lock crisis.

Safe Services :

Depending on the nature of your company services, there is the possibility you need safe for various purposes. Safe in any organization is a sensitive matter and needs high-security attention. Whether you need a safe to keep valuable items safe from fire or to protect a precious possession, our commercial safe service is designed to help you procure the right safe, work on the combination to keep it safe and in case of a safe lockout, we can help you to open it without damaging it.

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