The home is notorious for lock problems.

Lockouts, broken or misplaced key; in some cases, it could be a break-in. You do not only need reliable locks, you also need a dependable and responsive local 24 Hour Locksmith Ottawa to attend to any lock emergency that comes up.

Ottawa Pure Locksmith has been supporting homeowners for more than 15 years. With every passing year, we have acquired more experience and the resources to serve you better. We understand that the top priority of every homeowner is keeping their family safe. This is why we provide high-end locksmith services with qualified personnel to help our residential clients protect their families.

Our residential locksmith services cover a great deal of locksmith area where we position ourselves as a one-stop shop for locksmith services.

The following are overviews of our residential locksmith services in Ottawa:

Residential Lockout Service :

Lockouts are common incidents in most residential places where people get locked out every day. With our residential locksmith service, we guarantee you will be back inside without delay as long as you call us immediately it happened.

The same applies to your car if you ever experience a lockout because of a missing key, or your key got locked in the trunk, or you left it on the seat and slammed the door, we have experts who will solve the problem for you.

Locks Rekeyed (key change):

Sometimes when your locks malfunction or you feel your key has compromised; probably, someone has a copy, and you no longer want them to have access to your home again, or maybe you lost the key and suspected someone might have deliberately taken it, what you need is a rekeyed service.

A lock rekeyed is one of the essential residential services provided by Ottawa Pure Locksmith. We will reconfigure your lock with a new set of keys, while the old keys will be unable to open the lock ever again.

The aim is to save you the cost of buying an entirely new lock and also guarantee your security. We offer the fastest and affordable rekeying services for our residential customers in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

Don’t Hesitate To Call, Help Is Minutes Away.

High-security locks :

Whether you want the 3-dimensional or tamper resistant high-security locks, we are ever ready to get it for you. We are versed in the technology of high-security locks, and we will assess your premises to recommend one that most suitably serves your need according to your budget.

Key-less entry locks :

A key-less lock offers convenience and security where you installed the type we recommend for your safety. The key-less technology varies according to your need. Our job is to supply your needs with the right technology to have a convenient and high-security lock that meet your style and pocket.

Keypad locks :

Although these locks are often used in commercial buildings, but homeowners who desire convenience may choose to use it in their homes as well. The keypad serves the need of a resident with many residents who desire to lock their doors and still give access to residents to gain access using the right number combination.

Remote control locks with iPhone :

With your iPhone, you can authorize a trusted person to have access into your home with e-Keys access sent to them electronically. When you feel its right, you can revoke the permission. This lock is a digital integration with your i Phone to serve as a remote for your access control system.

Window locks :

The windows in your home are as important for home security. Not many homeowners know this until they have been hit by burglars and lose valuable items through window break-in. When you work with us, we do not concentrate only on the doors to secure your home, and we consider the window locks and provide the right locks to secure them.

Safe installation and opening :

If you are into very sensitive business, you shouldn’t concentrate on your commercial place for installation of safe, think of your home as well. If you need the right safe installed at home for you, we are up to the task. We have safe experts who will assess your home and recommend if you need a standalone or wall safe. If you already have a safe and you have issue with opening it; call us, we can help.

Change locks :

Although we will advise you on the best step to take regarding lock change, we can change any lock you need to be changed in your home. People change locks for various reasons if you are replacing the lock is because someone had the keys, a simple rekey offer might be all you need. However, let us have a look, and we will give our professional advice to save you money.

Key replacement & duplication :

Losing your key can leave you helpless and frustrated, but instead of compounding problem with worries, just place a call to us and let’s help you find the right solution. As experienced locksmith who has helped many homeowners solve key issues, we have the fastest and very cost effective solution to any key problem you may have. We can replace or duplicate your key whether you have the old one or not; it is what we do!

Lock repair :

The wear and tear of a locks mechanical part often leads the lock to stop working or malfunction at any time. Faulty locks are like losing your key because, with the key, the lock still won’t open. But don’t worry, we can repair any lock and return it to its perfect state once again.

Ottawa Pure Locksmith is a licensed and insured company offering residential locksmith services to homeowners in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We are a call away, give us a call today and let’s help you solve all your residential lock issues.

Don’t Hesitate To Call, Help Is Minutes Away.