One way we help the motoring public in Ottawa is through excellent delivery of mobile locksmith to rescue car owners experiencing a lockout or broke their car key! It can be frustrating to see your car key in the ignition with all doors locked against it.

Do you misplace your car key?

As common as lockout and damage key can be, losing your key without a trace in the middle of nowhere can be very frustrating to a point where you don’t know what next to do. If you find yourself experiencing a car lock issue, do not fret, our mobile team are always on hand to provide 24hour locksmith Ottawa to rescue you.

Why automotive locksmith service?

Automotives are highly unpredictable, and anything can go wrong at any time without warning. What you need to do whenever you experience any lock related situation with your car in Ottawa or the surrounding area is give us a call immediately. While we don’t wish you experience any stoppage in your journey, we do know that crises are an essential part of life and it’s always good to be ready just in case.





    What are likely incidences you can contact us for?

    Sometimes you have your key, but your door won’t open. There are occasions you need to duplicate your keys to have a spare, and sometimes you need an entirely new car key to save you incessant key problems. At Ottawa Pure Locksmith, we handle your car locks issues like a breeze, we do it with ease.

    Your car will not be damaged!

    We have seen incidences of car doors being damaged after it was forced open to remove a trapped key. Our approach to gain access to your car is by using the right tools to open your vehicle naturally and remove the trapped keys. In case of other key or lock issues, we will deal with it without any dent or damage to your car.

    With your approval, after helping to get back your key from a lockout, we will duplicate the key right there if you don’t already have to prevent a future re-occurrence.

    Overview of our automobile locksmith service in Ottawa

    You may be wondering what other services we provide beyond lockout, broken key and duplicate, here is an overview of our auto locksmith services:

    Don’t Hesitate To Call, Help Is Minutes Away.

    Door lock rekey & repair:

    You need a rekey service if you suspect the safety of your current key has been compromised. When you are in such a situation, the only guaranteed peace of mind is to rekey your car door so that when the missing key surfaces, it won’t open your car doors ever again.

    Work your high security and transponder keys:

    Modern cars often come with a wireless device that opens and locks your car doors when activate. These keys are not for fancy, and you should take good care of them to serve you well. Sometimes you need to program them for various reasons. As a competent locksmith in Ottawa, we are trained and to handle your transponder keys for a variety of reasons.

    Ignition switch repair:

    If your ignition switch is broken or not working correctly and you need a fix, we can handle it for you and return it to its original position. The best part in working with us is that we are fully bonded and insured to provide the guarantee that all will be well with your car after we are done.


    Key extraction from the ignition:

    Also, there are times when your car key will break, and the broken part will remain in the ignition. In this case, we have the tool and expertise to remove the broken part and get you a new key that works with your ignition.

    Emergency car door opening:

    This is a lockout service where we help to unlock your car doors and retrieve your key whether it’s in the trunk or on the car seat. This service will get you back on the road with your car in minutes without any damage to your vehicle.

    There are times you cannot open your car trunk due to faulty lock system, do not panic, your solution is only a call away. If you are in Ottawa, give us a call and out automobile emergency locksmith team will be there faster to help you out.

    Why work with Ottawa Pure Locksmith?

    When you are in a fix with your car, your best solution is to find the right local locksmith to help you out. If you figure the problem is lock related as described in our service overview, give us a call immediately.

    We are a licensed and insured locksmith in Ottawa with over 15 years of meritorious services.

    Our service is fully insured and bonded to guarantee any job we handle, and we are confident in our ability and business process to deliver as promised.

    Give us a call today at (613) 701-1999 Come and witness the excellent locksmith service others have been enjoying for more than 15 years.

    Don’t Hesitate To Call, Help Is Minutes Away.